British Chinese Energy Association (BCEA) is a non-for-profit organization with an ambition to connect UK and Chinese energy firms & professionals, to facilitate the exchange and sharing of industry knowledge and to provide mentoring opportunities for professionals and students who have the aspirations to join the energy industry.

中英能源协会 (British Chinese Energy Association, BCEA) 是一家非盈利性组织,欲沟通英国和中国的能源公司以及能源从业者,方便行业信息共享,交流职业发展机会,及为新近加入能源行业的同行或者为业界同行和今后有志于在能源行业发展的学生提供指导培训。

BCEA is developed from Chinese Energy Professionals Exchange (CEPEX), which had been organizing networking events for Chinese energy professionals since 2010, and has inherited the CEPEX executive committee and a network of over 100 CEPEX members. With strong commitments to support the Chinese energy professional community in the UK, CEPEX has attracted many experienced and well-connected energy professionals to its executive committee (please visit ‘About Us’). To further strengthen the networking capabilities and to introduce a new platform to exchange knowledge and promote social responsibilities, the executive committee decided to transform CEPEX into BCEA. With the introduction of new missions, we look forward to reaching out to more UK-based Chinese energy professionals and supporting your professional development.

中英能源协会自(中国能源行业专业人士交流会)CEPEX发展而来并继承了CEPEX的执行委员会及百余名成员。受惠于此前CEPEX秉志为同行服务的精神并自2010年以来一直为能源行业的职业华人组织交流社交活动。由于其秉志为同行服务,CEPEX本届执行委员会额外吸引到多名行业经验丰富且,人际网络广泛熟识的成员加入其执行委员会( 请参考‘关于我们’).。为强化业内交流,及提供一个新的平台交流知识,履行社会责任,本执行委员会决定将CEPEX转化为中英能源协会 (BCEA)。引入新的社团使命目标后,我们期待与更多的华人职业同行建立联系,并帮助他们实现自己的职业理想发展。

Our missions include:


1. Create a platform to facilitate exchange of industry information and expertise among energy firms and professionals in the UK and China.


2. Promote business ideas and opportunities


3. Mentor junior professionals and students interested in energy industry


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